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Frequently asked questions:

Why is everyone allowed to edit and delete my things in the list?
That is the principle of! Everybody is allowed to do everything. You don't have to register or reveal your personal data. The list should be usable directly for all participants. There are however various safety mechanisms to prevent that someone vandalism on your list and e.g. deliberately deletes everything. In addition, every activity on the list can be deleted in the "Organization" section. in the tab "What has happened so far" (next to "Entertainment"). However, if someone regularly tries to (destroy) your list, please contact us (ask a question below), we will try to help. read more
Can anyone do anything?
Almost everything. There are few features that only the owner of the list can do. You have to assign a password when creating the list, which is needed for these actions. The secured functions include: delete list, rename list, change list description. read more
Is the list visible to everyone?
Yes, anyone who knows the PIN for the list can also call up the list. However, the PIN is generated randomly, so it is not easy to guess. However, your list is not listed in search engines or any directories, you really need to know the PIN. read more
Can I exclude certain people from the list?
No. In case of vandalism, please contact us via the question-question form (below). read more
I forgot my owner password, or didn't assign one when creating the list
The password usually is a combination of an animal followed by a number (e.g. "Tiger5"). Do you remember? If not please contact us using the question-question form below. read more
Do I have to assign a password when creating a list?
No. We'd strongly recommend it. Because only with password you can delete the list later, rename or change the description. If you don't have a password you have to contact us. The password can be as simple as you want - that's up to you. read more
How can I change the name of my list?
Just double click on the name of the list. On smartphone/tablets, hold your finger on the list name for a short time. You will then get an input field at this point. Click the blue button to save. You must be the creator/owner of this list and may need your creator password. This does not change the PIN lists. read more
How can I add an introduction or description to my list, or provide important information for the participants?
Under the name of the list you have a link "Add description". Choose this link and you can add a description which will be visible for every participant. You can also change the description later by simply double-clicking on the description or holding your finger on the description for a short time on Smartphons/Tablets. You must be the creator/owner of this list and may need your owner password. read more
How can I change the name or details of a wish afterwards?
Double-click on the name or the details in the list. On tablets/smartphones, hold your finger on the text to be changed for a short time. You will then get an input field at this point and can save the change with the blue button. read more
How can I remove a giver from a thing again?
Double click on the list of givers in the list or on Tablets/Smartphones and hold your finger on the givers for a short time. The individual givers will then be highlighted and you can delete them by clicking on them. read more
How can I change or prioritize the order of things in the list?
In the bar above the list click on "Sort list" or on Smartphones on the icon with the numbered list on the far left. This activates the sorting mode. You can then simply move the individual things within the list. Hold down the left mouse button on the thing you want to move and drag it to the new position. On smartphones touch the thing for a short time and drag it to the new list position. A green placeholder always shows you where the thing will be placed. The change will be saved immediately. Finish sorting to return to normal mode. read more
How do I send the list to other participants?
There are many ways to do that. You can simply copy the link from the address bar and send it, or send the PIN displayed to the left of the list name. You can use the Share function (bar above the list, Share icon) to send an email to all participants. If you use the app, the Share icon starts the familiar Share function of your smartphone/tablet. Alternatively, you can print the list (toolbar above the list). On the printout you will find the link to the list, the PIN and even a QR code to scan. read more
How can I change my own name?
Your current name will be displayed at the top of the page. Click on "Change Name" next to it and enter a different name. From now on you will perform all actions with the new name. Previous actions remain untouched. read more
Can I register someone else as a giver for something?
For this you would have to change your own name briefly and then change it back again. Your current name will be displayed at the top of the page. Click on "Change name" next to it and enter a different name. From now on you will perform all actions with the new name. Previous actions remain untouched. read more
Can I publicly link my list on my website, Facebook, forums, etc.?
Sure. Just remember that anyone who has the link to the list can do almost anything there. read more
Are there any limits on the number of things in the list, the number of users, etc.?
No, we don't set limits on our own. Just keep in mind that the list is technically meant to be a wish list. A list with more than 100 entries is difficult for man and machine to handle. If our server reaches its limits with the number of users, we will come up with something. read more
Can I also use the list for professional purposes or in my company?
We'd love to. Just consider that everything you write on is more or less publicly viewable. Just someone has to get the PIN and can see everything. read more
Why can't I delete or edit my comment?
You can edit your own comment up to 30 minutes after creation. After that it is not possible any more to manipulate the course of a conversation. read more
Why may I not edit or delete a thing or not delete a giver?
Since does not uniquely identify a user via a name/password, there must be other security measures in place to prevent vandalism of foreign lists. This is one of them. You may only perform a certain number of actions on "foreign objects" per hour. If you are the owner of the list and have an owner password, this restriction does not apply. read more
Why does claim I would change something about strange things? I have added this!
Since does not uniquely identify a user by a name/password, it can only recognize a user if he or she reuses the same device and browser, and only within a "session". If in the meantime you have restarted your computer, closed your browser or entered the thing on another device (e.g. your smartphone), will no longer recognize you. Accordingly, it no longer knows that you have created these things. This can also happen if you have been registered more than 24 hours ago. By the way, you don't have these problems when you use the app. read more
I accidentally deleted a wish from the list, along with the giver - now what?
Don't panic :-) In the "Organization" section in the "What happened so far" tab (next to "Conversation") you will find your delete action and also a "Restore" button. read more
Can I see at a glance what I need to give with me?
Yes, click on your name in the list of givers. In the giver menu you can see everything you need to give. read more

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